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Cricket Clothing – The Basics to the Full Outfit

There are many different pieces of cricket clothing that make up a cricketers outfit; from protective gear to branded shirts, there are a lot of pieces that are essential to the game. Starting from the basics, let’s start by looking at cricket underwear.Wearing supportive socks is essential to a cricketer; they have to have supportive heels and toes capable of dealing with the wear and tear of the game. They should also be warm and available in both junior and senior sizes. Available from manufacturers including Puma, Kookaburra and Gray Nicolls, durable cricket socks are worn by a lot of players. Another aspect of underwear are cricket briefs and trunks – these have to be stretchy and supportive for male players, and briefs include a pouch at the front for extra comfort and hygiene purposes. Trunks have the same purpose, except they fit down the legs as well.Moving on from the underwear, the next aspect of cricket clothing to look at are the trousers. Available for men, women and juniors, these are produced by a range of manufacturers including Slazenger and Adidas. They are lightweight and usually have fully elasticated waistbands for extra comfort and ease of use. There are various styles available depending on the make, but the main colour is usually traditional white.Cricket shirts are the next item of cricket clothing to look at; these again need to be lightweight and cool for the players to wear. Cricket is traditionally played in the warmer months of the year, and therefore it is imperative that players do not get too hot during the game! A lot of cricket shirts have three quarter length sleeves and are made from polyester. Again available for men, women and juniors, cricket shirts are made by the same names as the trousers.Of course, not all days are warm, and so the need for a sweater can arise. It is possible to buy both sleeveless and long sleeved versions; Adidas have a range of products to choose from that cater for both types of style. Adult and junior versions are available to buy and they are often a little darker in colour than the shirts, to give a contrast.Shoes are also an essential item of cricket clothing to look at; a lot of well known manufacturers have wide ranges of styles to choose from, including Asics, Nike, Puma, Adidas and Gunn & Moore. Correct cricket shoes have spiked soles, for extra grip on the ground, and have full ankle support to enable the players to be as agile on their feet as possible. It is possible to spare spikes and studs, should the original ones need replacing at any point.The last part of cricket clothing to consider is the hat. These are good for both warmth and shade, and are often the same style as a baseball cap, giving the user a visor with which to block out the sun. Another style is an all round brim, although this is said to be more popular with the watchers and less with the players themselves.